DANA Agronomics

Established since 2014, Dana Agronomics is one of the leading technology advisory companies for the cultivation and transformation of Cannabis sativa L. for both its industrial use and its pharmaceutical use.

Initially focused on agronomic engineering services, we currently cover more technical aspects related to the plant; chemical, industrial, legal…

We have extensive personal experience, and we have developed several R & D & I projects, plant improvement of the species, vertical product development both nationally and internationally.

Currently, we are living in a world full of possibilities and interconnections we love to explore.


Xaquín Acosta Casas

Xaquín Acosta Casas

CEO & Co-Founder

Agricultural Technical Engineer, Bachelor of Environmental Science.

Since the early 90s, I was interested in the cannabis plant and its different utilities, both medicinal and industrial, progressively focusing my training and professional work in its research, study and development of its various uses.

Over the years I have become an expert in the field, bridging the social reality of cannabis and the different official bodies and administrations, putting my knowledge and experience at the service of understanding between both actors. This fact is, in my opinion, my greatest asset; technical expertise backed by university degrees combined with the experience of the reality of therapeutic cannabis users, and farmers who have opted for their industrial use — understanding their likes, needs and their particular idiosyncrasy.

At this time, the therapeutic/medicinal value of cannabinoids is increasingly current, and there are numerous countries currently reviewing their drug policies in this matter. In parallel, industrial hemp is emerging as a crop of high profitability, both for its nutritional values, fibre and source of cannabinoids, destined for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Jesús Díaz Pérez

Jesús Díaz Pérez

COO & Co-Founder

Agriculture Technical Engineer specialised in Farming Livestock, Horticulture and Gardening

My interest in the study of the Cannabis sativa L. species arose during the realisation of my final project at the Institute of Natural Resources and Agrobiology of Seville (CSIC). There was when my passion for research began.

Therefore, I decided to focus on the field of Cannabis Research for both medicinal and industrial purposes. Due mainly to the fact that there were few agronomic studies on the species, giving me the possibility of being able to contribute new research in this field.

Over the years, I have become an expert in the management of the crop as well as in the Research, Development and Innovation of the plant, for its medicinal and industrial uses. Performing plant breeding projects, development of new varieties and Expert Reports in cases of cannabis seizures.

Currently, I combine my R & D work as Project Manager at Tasmanian Botanics, leading the Genetic Research Program, with the co-direction of Dana Agronomics, besides of the coordination of the Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding of Bhalutek Sens, developing national and international agricultural and research projects of the Cannabis sativa species.

Axel Moro González

Graduated in Agricultural Engineering, Mention in Horticulture and Gardening.

Despite my youth, I have become familiar with the cultivation and development of the Cannabis Sativa L. crop, for more than ten years. In which I have become familiar with the different problems that may arise in the excellent work of the plant.

My experience is empirical, and I have learned and keep learning every day from the innumerable problems that have arisen for me and others with whom I have collaborated. I have had the opportunity to polish my experience in medical cannabis in California and large areas of Industrial Hemp cultivation in Spain.

I have always been familiar with agriculture since I come from a family of farmers with extensive experience in horticulture. Agriculture is my passion, and I love getting my hands on the ground.

Currently, I work at Dana Agronomics, participating in counselling, report writing and cultivation projects.

Iván Martín Conde

Agricultural technical engineer specialized in cannabis.

I began to become familiar with the cultivation and genetic breeding of cannabis from a young age. Learning day by day from this stunning plant and studying a university degree to corroborate my knowledge and apply it to the cannabis industry, using a more technical and professional approach.

My interest in the medicinal properties of cannabis surged due to diverse illnesses suffered by close relatives. Since then, what started as a hobby took root in my life and became internal to me, making this a passion and finally a profession.

This has been reflected in different university papers carried out since, all of them focused on cannabis. from landscaping to genetic improvement programs, or the completion of the final degree project, in which I carried out an essay to assess the impact of different types of pruning on a variety of industrial hemp for the production of Cannabis Light. In addition, I am conducting my own research on breeding new varieties with different organoleptic qualities and / or rich in minor cannabinoids, always with low THC content.

Currently, I am specialising on hemp production in greenhouses at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and I am working as a technician at Dana Agronomics; participating in the brokerage dept., technical advice, writing of court expert’ reports and other technical projects.

Paloma Nadal Ruiz

Doctor in Agricultural Chemistry, Degree in Environmental Sciences

My work in the world of cannabis begins in Mexico, where I collaborated in the founding of a collective whose purpose is the dissemination of the different properties and uses of the plant.

My training in agricultural chemistry has allowed me to focus my projects on the advice of crops and medicinal extractions.

Know the objectives of the producers and accompany them during the process so that they obtain maximum benefits respecting the current legislation and ensuring the quality of the resulting products.

There is currently a boom in the commercialisation of hemp extracts that necessitates a professional intervention that ensures the proper management of the plant from its cultivation to its processing. To favour the organic agriculture that guarantees a plant free of heavy metals and toxic elements derived from pesticides, as well as ensuring the quality in the extraction processes are the basis of my work.

I believe that social education is the primary way to reopen the doors to the cannabis plant and its different uses, and demand legislation that guarantees the safety of producers and users.

Ruth Pérez Sánchez

Court expert specialised in Cannabis and Pharmaceutical Law.

I always had, from a very young age, the concern to know why and how people were looking for altered states of consciousness induced by drugs and/or medicinal plants, whether for health, recreational or spiritual reasons. Thus I ended up specialising in Drug Dependencies Forensic Toxicology, Pharmacognosy (medicinal plants), Bioethics and Pharmaceutical Law.

The expert evidence is that which contributes to the process, through the expert opinion, scientific, artistic, technical or practical knowledge that allows the judge to assess the existence of facts, their way of being, or that will enable them to know the content or sense of other tests carried out within the judicial procedure.

The expert in expert opinion is the one in charge of evaluating the facts from their field of knowledge and speciality and provides objective data that may or may not benefit the parties involved. The work of the Judicial Expert is diverse and continually adapts to the particular needs of each case.

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